18 Mar 2016 Fashion

Little Black Dress icon.png

Elegant lace dress

Anita 10.jpg
Hi my Butterflycats   Every woman should have in her closet at least a little black dress! And the same Karl Lagerfeld said that One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress.'   Kisses   Ciao miei Butterflycats Ogni donna...
04 Aug 2015 Fashion

Key for every outfit icon.png

This work day is finally over. For this outfit I’ve chosen a black & white style. Silk pants in geometric pattern with a top are the perfect match for super hot days like these. Sometimes simplicity is the trump card but never forget your...
17 May 2015 Fashion

Perfect dress icon.png

Elegance with butterflies

There are a lot of weddings, baptisms, school dances and other elegant events in this time of the year. We are often in search of the perfect outfit and it’s not always easy to find it, because we want one we like, which fits us well, modern,...
19 Mar 2015 Fashion

How to wear leather pants icon.png

1st look

I'm sure you've already noticed that black and leather are two elements that I like. These leather pants are my favorite. People often think that leather clothes are too "aggressive" or often associate them with the "biker" style. With these...

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