03 Dec 2016 Fashion

Fall colors icon.png

Hi my Butterflycats As every year the autumn gives us some beautiful scenery, a festival of colors everywhere. Even the trees are wearing beautiful colorful clothes. I love the autumn colors. As you know I often wear black but when autumn comes I...
05 Jul 2015 Fashion

Romantic dress icon.png

Have you ever been invited to a lunch for a baptism or a birthday organized in the open air, in a park or in a farmhouse restaurant, and didn’t know what to wear? You wanted to look elegant but not too much, you wouldn't wear heels but trainers...
21 May 2015 Fashion

Funny captain icon.png

Handmade Drawing

Hello Captain!!! For this outfit I’ve chosen white and blue... but I wanted to avoid a "boring" look, so I played with this fun t-shirt. You already know how much I like personalized items... this funny captain was designed by my friend Jessica!...
15 Feb 2015 Fashion

Beige Coat icon.png

These last days are full and busy. For today I chose a pair of wool pants, a black and white sweater and this beige coat! If you plan to get a new coat, I recommend this color! It's very feminine and goes well with many outfits.    Le ultime...
30 Dec 2014 Fashion

Snow holidays icon.png

Blu dress

My holidays are going on. These were not planned, they were decided at the last minute and maybe that’s why they are so beautiful. A lot of snow has been falling these days and I went back on the sled! It had been ages since I last did! The...

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