19 Jan 2017 Fashion

Perfect tailleur icon.png

Hi my Butterflycats It's often not so easy to find a nice suit. If you have a job that requires that kind of clothing in the moment when you have to look and buy for something new and different it is never a simple task. I propose this black...
29 Nov 2016 Fashion

Perfect wool coat icon.png

Zeusino ;-)

Hi my Butterflycats Found finally;-) My perfect wool coat. It has the perfect shape and wear it is a pleasure. It seems that wraps you and hugs you. Unlike of so many others that I saw this one follows the body line. I have to admit that the...
09 Aug 2016 Fashion

My top 5 bikinis icon.png


Hi my Butterflycats So many of you have already been on vacation and others still have to go. We expect twhole year to make that magical dip in the sea . This year I enjoyed sea , unfortunately , only a few days in Croatia . Every time I go there...
20 Jan 2016 Fashion

Oversize sweater icon.png

Snow white

Hi my Butterflycats Finally I found it!!! Yeah… You're probably wondering what?!? I was searching for a very long time a white oversized sweater and I found it in Zagreb. I was so happy because I found the color I wanted. Snow white!!! During...
01 Dec 2015 Fashion

3/4 Pants icon.png

Hi my Butterflycats Last week I spent some time with my dear friend Sonja, Croatian actress, and also blogger (xoxosonja.com). You can find her blog here and I assure you that you will love it. We had such a great time and had so much to talk...

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