21 May 2015 Fashion

Funny captain icon.png

Handmade Drawing

Hello Captain!!! For this outfit I’ve chosen white and blue... but I wanted to avoid a "boring" look, so I played with this fun t-shirt. You already know how much I like personalized items... this funny captain was designed by my friend Jessica!...
27 Feb 2015 Fashion

Smile and enjoy the sun! icon.png

How many of you can’t wait for spring?! I honestly can’t wait. Today’s program was: go to the gym, do a few errands and devote the rest of the day to my friends...how beautiful is it to spend some time together, laughing and joking?! For this...
13 Oct 2014 Fashion

Milano Day icon.png

Shoe studs

Today I went to Milan to visit my friend! We met at the first year of University and we've been tight-knit ever since. It's always nice spending time together and chatting! We missed the "third blonde", Ruth ;-) We walked around the city and...
21 Sep 2014 Fashion

Jeans & Jeans icon.png

Blue Jeans Mood

Hands up those who don't have at least a pair of jeans in their closet: no items of clothing in the whole fashion history have been so successful for so long! That's because they're actually comfortable and suitable for any situation, as well as...
18 Sep 2014 Fashion

White Jeans icon.png

Summer is almost over, but I wanted to catch the last rays of light of this beautiful day and I went for a walk with a pair of white jeans. They make any outfit brighter... and obviously bring out your tan (or at least what's left of it ;-) ).   ...

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