10 Feb 2016 Fashion

Blue and black dress icon.png

Hi my Butterflycats Today was a really productive day. You know that feeling of satisfaction when during the day you do more things than you thought you will and you do them earlier than planned. So since I had finished everything in advance I...
19 Mar 2015 Fashion

How to wear leather pants icon.png

1st look

I'm sure you've already noticed that black and leather are two elements that I like. These leather pants are my favorite. People often think that leather clothes are too "aggressive" or often associate them with the "biker" style. With these...
18 Oct 2014 Fashion

Butterfly in fall icon.png

Midi skirt

Business appointments are over today. The sunset this evening was simply beautiful and the temperature perfect! I love this skirt with flowers and butterflies. "Midi" skirts are another must have this year and they're perfect to wear for both the...
18 Sep 2014 Fashion

White Jeans icon.png

Summer is almost over, but I wanted to catch the last rays of light of this beautiful day and I went for a walk with a pair of white jeans. They make any outfit brighter... and obviously bring out your tan (or at least what's left of it ;-) ).   ...
16 Sep 2014 Fashion

Black & White icon.png

Leather skirt

No doubt about it: black and white, the most typical pair of opposites, is a timeless combination which remains elegant and classy regardless of the trends of the moment. With these (non)colors you can never do wrong... for example, I love...

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