29 Nov 2016 Fashion

Perfect wool coat icon.png

Zeusino ;-)

Hi my Butterflycats Found finally;-) My perfect wool coat. It has the perfect shape and wear it is a pleasure. It seems that wraps you and hugs you. Unlike of so many others that I saw this one follows the body line. I have to admit that the...
23 Sep 2016 Fashion

Silk Jumpsuit icon.png

Hello my Butterflycats A few days ago my dear friend Sonja came to visit me. It was great to see us after so long time. The days were very intense because we traveled a lot and we visited several cities. We visited Milan and was wearing this...
13 Jan 2016 Fashion

Ice Fairytale and Blue Coat icon.png

Hi my Butterflycats Finally winter is here and the snow is falling. That means that I had to enjoy the city and all winter activities around. Ooohhh…I forgot to tell you that I’m back in Zagreb ;-). A lot of my friends invited me to come during...
22 Oct 2015 Fashion

Easy, Blue and Casual icon.png

Another week... Another outfit! Today I want to talk about something that they often ask me... Which software do I use to retouch photos on my blog?!? My answer is always the same: no softwares at all!!! Because my photos on the blog are...
15 Oct 2015 Fashion

Purple autumn icon.png

Finally, autumn is in its full splendor. You can see thousands of colors in the parks and also in various fashion collections this year. Hip colors for collections A/W 2015 are purple, burgundy, military green, yellow, khaki, mustard... All...

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