09 Aug 2016 Fashion

My top 5 bikinis icon.png


Hi my Butterflycats So many of you have already been on vacation and others still have to go. We expect twhole year to make that magical dip in the sea . This year I enjoyed sea , unfortunately , only a few days in Croatia . Every time I go there...
21 Jul 2015 Fashion

Denim shorts icon.png

Have fun

These last days I've been very busy... But you can really feel the summer. The temperature is very high and I keep thinking about holidays. These high-waisted denim shorts cannot miss in my suitcase this year... They are comfortable and fun with...
09 Sep 2014 Fashion

Olive Jumpsuit icon.png


A few years ago I bought this jumpsuit in a vintage shop in New York! One of the clerks working there was a fashion student. It was like we had known each other for ages... We chose the outfits of different periods, joking and laughing together...
07 Sep 2014 Fashion

City bike ride icon.png


I love riding my bike! Today was one of those full days with so many errands to run. In such a day my bike becomes indispensable to manage everything in short time... and it's also fun and healthy! I ride my bike all year round and I can't do...

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