21 Jul 2015 Fashion

Denim shorts icon.png

Have fun

These last days I've been very busy... But you can really feel the summer. The temperature is very high and I keep thinking about holidays. These high-waisted denim shorts cannot miss in my suitcase this year... They are comfortable and fun with...
09 May 2015 Fashion

Silver star and Mini bag icon.png

The week is over... It's flown by! In this period I love the stars ... As you can tell ;-) But the special touch of this outfit is my mini bag. I love it!!! Although it's mini, it still contains everything I need... keys, cell phone, tissues,...
27 Apr 2015 Fashion

Ripped Jeans!!! icon.png

Must-have item

Ripped jeans are a must-have this year. A few weeks ago I was away for work for ten days. One day I finished my appointments early and my dear friend Tihana asked me to take a walk in the park... I love walks, but in my suitcase there were only...
03 Apr 2015 Fashion

Pencil skirt icon.png

It's a windy day

Do you ever fix your hair nicely, go outside, start to fight with the wind until nothing of your blowout is left?! That's exactly what's happened to me today ☹ I had a business meeting and I wanted to have voluminous and well-groomed hair... the...
19 Mar 2015 Fashion

How to wear leather pants icon.png

1st look

I'm sure you've already noticed that black and leather are two elements that I like. These leather pants are my favorite. People often think that leather clothes are too "aggressive" or often associate them with the "biker" style. With these...

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