21 Apr 2017 Fashion

Elegant avant-garde icon.png

Hi my Butterflycats Today I would describe my outfit avant-garde- elegant but still portable.The pants are beautiful to wear with an elegant shirt but also with a simple white t-shirt and low shoes. It's not clear whether it's a skirt or pants....
01 Oct 2016 Fashion

Perfect long dress icon.png

Hi my Butterflycats It's been so long since I have not posted an elegant outfit. Since I saw this dress I fell in love. If I had to made an elegant dress, I would use materials like silk and lace, I would choose the black color and would try not...
27 Dec 2014 Fashion

Blue pois dress icon.png

Very cold day

I'm in Zagreb! A tour of the city, hot tea, meeting friends ... so many simple things that made my day fantastic. Since today it's freezing, I chose this retro Lazzari dress. It's very feminine, comfortable, and above all it keeps you warm....
07 Nov 2014 Fashion

One day in Austria icon.png

Pinko boots

Today we are in Austria with Chiara and Roby! Precisely in Innsbruck. The city is very beautiful and well-kept. The facades of the houses are colorful and palaces very elegant. Besides the history and beautiful scenery of the mountains around...
27 Sep 2014 Fashion

Lace Dress icon.png

Black Long Lace Dress

When I saw this dress I literally fell in love with it! If I had to describe my perfect elegant dress I would definitely describe this one... The black lace, the sophistication of the silk and such a feminine shape can make any outfit fantastic....

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