26 Oct 2014 Fashion

Sunday walk icon.png

Simply and Easy

Today I chose a casual outfit. This oversized sweater is so amazing. It's perfect both with pants and on a tight dress. Often after work I go out and don’t have time to change... I just replace my blazer with this stylish sweater and my black...
23 Oct 2014 Fashion

Lace & Leather icon.png

Two such different materials, but they match so well together! It's true when they say that opposites attract. These two materials are representative of a woman. On the one hand the elegance, refinement, delicacy and charm of the lace, on the...
18 Oct 2014 Fashion

Butterfly in fall icon.png

Midi skirt

Business appointments are over today. The sunset this evening was simply beautiful and the temperature perfect! I love this skirt with flowers and butterflies. "Midi" skirts are another must have this year and they're perfect to wear for both the...
13 Oct 2014 Fashion

Milano Day icon.png

Shoe studs

Today I went to Milan to visit my friend! We met at the first year of University and we've been tight-knit ever since. It's always nice spending time together and chatting! We missed the "third blonde", Ruth ;-) We walked around the city and...
10 Oct 2014 Fashion

Fall is coming icon.png

Coral dress and leather jacket

Fall has come... and it shows! This beautiful coral dress stands out wonderfully in the autumn grayness and goes well with the warm colors of the falling leaves. I chose to wear it with this leather jackek by Liu Jo, which matches perfectly the...

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