07 Mar 2016 Fashion

Floral coat icon.png

Be free and happy

Hi my Butterflycats  When the late winter comes we can’t no longer stand cold weather, heavy coats, dark colors... I was looking forward to the good weather arrive to wear this red floral coat. I love it!!! It brings joy, you can create different...
02 Mar 2016 Fashion

Rainy day outfit icon.png

Black, White and Bordeaux

Anita 45.jpg
Hi my Butterflycats Another rainy and grey day…But that dosesn’t mean that we need to be grouchy. Actually today I had a very busy day and that helps me to stay positive during the rainy days. In fact I’m one of those people more I have to do,...
22 Feb 2016 Fashion

Vintage Bag icon.png

Hi my Butterflycats In these recent days the weather is really strange. Daytime temperatures are good but already around 4:00 pm starts getting colder. So before going out we have to think 3 times what to wear. I usually choose before the outfit...
22 Feb 2016 Fashion

Red coat icon.png

Hi my Butterflycats In these last days I had so much work to do. I have so many new ideas and new projects for my blog. I can’t wait to show at you. After so much work I needed to take a break and meet my friends. They were excited when they saw...
10 Feb 2016 Fashion

Blue and black dress icon.png

Hi my Butterflycats Today was a really productive day. You know that feeling of satisfaction when during the day you do more things than you thought you will and you do them earlier than planned. So since I had finished everything in advance I...


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