24 Mar 2015 Fashion

How to wear leather pants icon.png

2nd look

It's the end of the week, the sun is shining and the weather is perfect for a walk in the park, meeting friends or taking a stroll downtown. If you have seen my previous post, do you find something familiar in these outfits? Take a better look .....
19 Mar 2015 Fashion

How to wear leather pants icon.png

1st look

I'm sure you've already noticed that black and leather are two elements that I like. These leather pants are my favorite. People often think that leather clothes are too "aggressive" or often associate them with the "biker" style. With these...
17 Mar 2015 Beauty

Marc Jacobs Beauty Products- REVIEW beauty.png

Hi my Butterflycats I’ve decided to review some of Marc Jacobs beauty products. They are so amazing and I hope that some of you will like them too. So let’s get started… THE BRONZE - BRONZER BRUSH Claim: Bronzer Brush Feather-soft and extra...

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