30 Dec 2014 Fashion

Snow holidays icon.png

Blu dress

My holidays are going on. These were not planned, they were decided at the last minute and maybe that’s why they are so beautiful. A lot of snow has been falling these days and I went back on the sled! It had been ages since I last did! The...
27 Dec 2014 Fashion

Blue pois dress icon.png

Very cold day

I'm in Zagreb! A tour of the city, hot tea, meeting friends ... so many simple things that made my day fantastic. Since today it's freezing, I chose this retro Lazzari dress. It's very feminine, comfortable, and above all it keeps you warm....
23 Dec 2014 Fashion

I'm back to college?!? icon.png

Teacher or student

Being into a university classroom again has reminded me when I was a student. It was a great time! But no, I’m not a student anymore... nor a teacher;-) It was just the set for this outfit. In university you don’t learn only the subject you've...
08 Dec 2014 Fashion

Comfy Shoes icon.png

River walk

These are the last days of autumn and today the sun is shining. I like very much this sweater Guess by Marciano. Besides an irregular cut, it also has leather inserts and side zips that make it special. It’s something between a sweater and a...
05 Dec 2014 Fashion

Studs pants icon.png

Sunny cold day

Don't let this bright sun fool you... it's freezing today! But for me it's not a problem: this jacket protects me perfectly, and it's also beautiful to look at and not at all bulky. I'm wearing my favorite pants, too: I wanted them the moment I...

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