27 Feb 2015 Fashion

Smile and enjoy the sun! icon.png

How many of you can’t wait for spring?! I honestly can’t wait. Today’s program was: go to the gym, do a few errands and devote the rest of the day to my friends...how beautiful is it to spend some time together, laughing and joking?! For this...
25 Feb 2015 Beauty

Creme de Corps Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter REVIEW! beauty.png

How to moisturize skin in winter

  Hi my Butterflycats This cold weather keeps up... and that's why I decided to write this post. We all know that in the cold season our skin becomes drier and needs to be adequately hydrated. Often, during these cold months, a moisturizing...
19 Feb 2015 Tips&tricks

Time Out! tips2.png

Hi my Butterflycats Sometimes I decide to take a bit of time for myself! It sounds so trite and often we think we do it even if we do not actually. We have always a busy schedule, and if we take some time for ourselves it's the end of the world!...
15 Feb 2015 Fashion

Beige Coat icon.png

These last days are full and busy. For today I chose a pair of wool pants, a black and white sweater and this beige coat! If you plan to get a new coat, I recommend this color! It's very feminine and goes well with many outfits.    Le ultime...

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